Monthly Archives: December 2013

Guangzhou China

_MG_1766I had a recent opportunity to spend a Sunday exploring Guangzhou, China. Having toured the city several years earlier, I was blown away by the transformation! I started in the brand new Science City, whose pristine park has bronze sculptures of the world’s renowned scientists. The sports complex was built for the recent Asian games. Most of the structures downtown have been completed in the last five years. We ventured to some of the historic sites, and pedestrian shopping avenues. The day concluded with a walk along the Pearl River, then across the bridge for a great dinner, and the evening light show. Special thanks to Allen for awesome tour, and to Daniel for dinner and a memorable evening on the Pearl.

Chicago – Millennium Park

_MG_0372-Edit2My home town is Chicago. The weather forecast looked good for this Fall morning, so I set the alarm early and headed downtown on a Sunday. Hope you enjoy the old with the new. The Chicago lakefront and downtown is a magical place. I thank the early planners of the city. The park areas will be enjoyed and appreciated for generations.


_MG_9852First to Brazil in 2010, I was awakened to a culture and people of which I had very little knowledge. The photographs were all taken in Northern Brazil, Recife, Olinda (one of the first European settlements in the Americas), and Cabo de Santo Agostinho. The ocean, sky, and preserved buildings are eye opening. This is nation with great resources – almost all electricity is hydroelectric, auto fuel is primarily ethanol from sugar cane – it is deservedly independent , and is a richly diverse culture.


IMG_0693Vcompos5My first trip of many to Hungary was in 2000. Now several years later it remains one of my favorite, and most comfortable destinations. It seems that the country, and most notably Budapest, has grown more beautiful, and engaging with every year. Photos in the gallery were captured in Budapest, Estergom, Vac, Nograd, and Visegrad on the Danube bend.