_MG_2731Wow,  what a phenomenal time!  My son John and his Fiancée, Nicole, both live in Honolulu, and had a spectacular North Shore wedding this December.  Many of our respective families and friends flew over for the event.  We managed to engage in touring, snorkeling, body surfing, eating, and watching Pipe Masters as well.  To be truthful, there was so much to do, I couldn’t focus on photography – but managed to get a few keepers.

Some of the photos of the wedding are included here.  It was an absolutely perfect day. The complete wedding photos will be included in the next post. (Soon to come!)

I arranged this gallery as the menu item. Hawaii,  with seven chapters – Mick’s Epic Ride (Won the 2013 Pro Surfing Championship), Pipe Masters, Snorkeling (my son Eric is the photographer), Around the Island, rehearsal,  and first and most important, John and Nicole’s Wedding Day.

If anyone has photos they would like included in the album – send them.


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